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Are you tired of maintaining and fixing up a house you don’t own? Do you want more privacy in a bigger or better house?

Enjoy all the benefits of home ownership without the risks. Stop throwing your rent away! Lease and Purchase, no banks, common sense qualifying.

Don’t be forced to throw your money away on rent just because you need time to get a bank loan. Each month you get nothing but bills…with no equity build up… no tax benefits… no appreciation… and no pride of home ownership. Then after several years when you are ready to buy and qualify under current strict bank guidelines then you have to move and start all over.

There is a better way, get in to a house now, fix it up how you want, capture appreciation, and get time to work on your credit, build job history etc.. Most importantly you get to have the privacy and pride of ownership now.

We believe buying a home should be at the top of your goal list. It is the American Dream and for most Americans the majority of their wealth is made through house appreciation and making diligent monthly payments where a portion goes to your equity. We have a great proven program to help you accomplish your goals.

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How to Buy a Great New Home

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How to buy a great new home without bank qualifying or large down payment

We sell and rent homes we own.  Discover how to move into a new home fast regardless of credit,  job history or provable income… even with no money down!

Buy a Home without Bank Qualifying
We’re professional real estate investors. Each month we offer a list of properties we own “for sale by owner” or for rent. If you’re looking to move into a new home (or buy investment property) we can offer some very attractive and popular Buyer Programs that can help solve many of the biggest challenges home buyers face today, especially during these unpredictable economic times.
Search our list of homes available now. They tend to go very fast so — if we don’t have a property that you’re interested in now — be sure to join our VIP Buyers List and be notified or called first when new opportunities become available. You may also want to request our free special report on “How to Buy a House without Bank Qualifying.”

Creative Financing Programs
We specialize in offering several attractive and creative programs to help you quickly move into a new home you want, even if you have hard to prove income, short job history, small down payment, or damaged credit.
The programs available for a property are unusually mentioned in the description when it’s added to our list of homes available. Some buyer assistance programs are not based on the property but are instead available or recommended based on your unique situation. Join our VIP Buyers List and we’ll work to match you up with a property that meets you needs and desires.

Move into the Home You Want Fast
Check out our list of available properties to find the right home. Then contact us and arrange to go see it by appointment — or on your own. If it’s the home for you, submit a Home Buyer Interest Form and let’s discuss. We’ll then do anything we can to make it all happen.

Is Now a Good Time to Own?
What are you waiting for? For home prices to settle down — or take off? Good economic times? Changes within the government? Stock market to rebound? It could be a long wait. Who knows?
We believe responsible home ownership is still the American dream. Whether you rent until close, buy with owner financing, or get a new bank loan now… the benefits of buying a home usually outweigh any reason to rent. When you own a home you can…

• Fix up your home — how you want

• Build equity each month — even if renting until you close later

• Receive bigger tax refunds — by deducting mortgage interest

• Lock-in the purchase price — for potential appreciation

• Build, improve or establish your credit

• And more!

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“How to Buy a New Home Without a Bank”





How do rent to own homes work?

Rent to own homes, or what we call Lease Options, allow homebuyers to lease a home while reserving the option to buy the home at any time either during the period of the lease or the end of the lease. During this stretch of time, our hands are tied and we are not permitted to advertise the residence as for sale.
There are two separate contracts used in a lease option agreement. The first is a standard rental lease that establishes what the monthly rental payment, terms, and regulations will be. The second is an option agreement which establishes that we are bound to sell the residence to the prospective purchaser at a predetermined price.


What is the option fee?

An option fee is often confused with a rental security deposit, although they are not the same. This fee is paid up front at the start of the lease, and gives you the exclusive option to buy the property at predetermined price and terms. In most cases, the option fee is not refundable, something that potential homebuyers should keep in mind. Whether or not the prospective homebuyer decides to go ahead and buy the residence in question, we will still keep the fee. In most of our lease option agreements, this option fee can be applied to the purchase price of the home.


How much will the option fee cost?

The option fee is an integral part of lease to own agreements. A usual option fee falls between four and six percent of the agreed upon purchase price. Of course, this is just an average figure, so it can vary, depending on each unique situation. The good thing about lease options is that the parties involved may negotiate the amount of the options fee. Usually, we are attracted to homebuyers that can put down more money on the home. Furthermore, the more cash that homebuyers can contribute as part of the option fee, the less they will need to finance elsewhere when the lease expires and they are ready to purchase the home.


Who should consider rent to own homes?

Many individuals find rent to own homes an attractive option. Previous sales have shown that the following people often consider lease option properties:
• Homebuyers who like to invest in real estate.
• Homebuyers fed up with being just renters and want to head toward real homeownership.
• Homebuyers that want to try out a new school district or a new neighborhood prior to making a commitment to it in the long term.
• Homebuyers dealing with damaged credit and who may be currently incapable of qualifying for appropriate mortgage rates because of credit problems.
• Homebuyers who need and want time to get their finances in order before making a home purchase.


Is there an obligation on the part of the tenant-buyer to purchase the home at the close of the lease period?

No, there is absolutely no obligation on the part of the renter to purchase the home at the close of the lease period. The seller gives the homebuyer the first option of buying the home, yet the ultimate decision of whether to purchase or not to purchase is totally up to the tenant-buyer.


Is the option consideration fee going to be given back to the tenant-buyer if he or she refuses to go through with purchasing the residence at the close of the lease period?

The option consideration fee is non-refundable. If one refuses to take advantage of the buying option, then previously paid option consideration money probably will not be returned. This feature of rent to own homes should be carefully considered by buyers before entering a lease option agreement.

Some of the Benefits You Enjoy

Some of the benefits you enjoy when renting to own:






Rent to Own Homes Provide a Great Alternative

house-guaranteeRent to own homes provide a great alternative to homebuying

Lease options offer excellent opportunities to homebuyers who are either in the process of attempting to fix their credit or working to establish their credit. They also provide excellent benefits to sellers which means this process can be beneficial to both parties involved. Contact us to find out how.